April 09, 2011

ICIU 2010: 3D Live Modeling

This is a video series of the Making of Suro, one of icons of Surabaya city, Indonesia. These videos were created for ICIU 2010 event: 3D Live Modeling, held by Universitas Surabaya, to show people how to make a 3D character. Here's the link: ICIU 2010: 3D Live Modeling

Suro Concept done by my friend, Michael R. H. and all 3D process in this video is done by me.

I hope this video can give you some basic idea, how to make a 3D animate-able character in 3ds max. :)

By the way, here is the result of the live modeling. We were doing it on-the-spot (among the people in the mall) for 3 days, about 8-9 hours a day.

3D Modeling Suro dan Boyo
Suro Final Artwork

3D Modeling Suro dan Boyo
Boyo Final Artwork



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