November 06, 2011

The Encounter: Earl Fanart Contest

So, here is my submission for Earl Fanart Contest a few weeks ago. You may check the info about the contest. Original Character by Wenart Gunadi, you should check his awesome portfolio. ;)

..and here is my final submission:
ariespranata - Earl FanArt
Earl fanart - Final Submission

and the wireframe:
ariespranata - Earl FanArt wireframe
Earl fanart - 3D model

also here's the story concept:

North Pole

-- It was a breezing moment when we, the astro-scientists, were wandering along the icy path of North Pole. The ancient rumors we heard is the reason that brought us here. Well, it tickled our curiosity when we heard there might be an extraterrestrial life somewhere in here.

We had been here for a couple of weeks, but nothing we found. Exhausted and hungry, we decided to keep walking and searching until we found something. It seemed like our curiosity was so much big that we didn't care anymore with our exhausted body.

While we kept walking, one of our friends suddenly slipped and fell through a cracked ice. He didn't notice that the ice was so thin and can't bear his weight. We were panic and running, trying to help him. But all of a sudden, we heard him shouting:

"Hey, look!! I saw something there!"

We rushed there and were amazed. We saw a cave in which there were ancient ruins there. Apparently, there had been a great earthquake happened there. But what really drew our interest is the wrecked alien spaceship at the center of the ruins.

Driven by curiosity, we went deeper and found some writings and symbols along the wall of the ruin. It's written in Paleo-Siberian language, an ancient language used by Siberian locals.

It was said that a long time before, there was a ship coming there from somewhere called Draconia, Land of the Dragons. King Draconia and his Queen escaped from the 'Great Catastrophe' and become the only dragons survived. In the end, they lived there and worshipped by the locals.

While we were checking around, I saw a little green creature moved fast among the ruins. I ran and trying to caught that creature. It moved so fast and went into the wrecked spaceship.

I called the others and we entered the spaceship together. We were trying to walk without making any noise until we see that creature. It was a baby dragon.

I decided to come closer,


That dragon looked at me.

"It's OK. I won't hurt you.."

That dragon still looked at me when my cellphone suddenly rang.
"Damn! it's not the right time", I thought. But not as I expected, he seemed interested with the music.

"Hey.. You love this music, right? I'll come closer to you now..", I came to him carefully.

He finally raised his hands, asking for my ringing cellphone. I gave him my cellphone and he smiled. Well, I think that it was the start of our friendship.

"Hmm.. What should I call you then?"

I was thinking and finally came up with this idea, "This ruin is built for King Draconia and his Queen, so you might be his descendant. What if I called you 'Earl', it means 'Nobleman'."

I laughed when he got excited every time I said 'Earl'.


Who Earl really is? Is it true that he's the descendant of King Draconia? How could he be there? There are still many mysteries about him waiting to be uncovered.

The story of Earl is just about to begin.

Too bad I didn't win. Hahaha..
Enjoy! :D


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