November 24, 2011

Getting Over Stagnancy in Life

A few days ago, one of my best friend came to me and sharing about his life. He felt like he was having stagnancy in his life. He told me that he already has some part-time jobs that fulfill his needs every month...., but that's it. He had lost his passion and kinda regret his past, why he did not be more serious at college.

Finally he asked me about what I do when I get home after work. Well, I always have things to do: either playing with my nephew, sharing stories with my family, doing some freelance jobs, doing lecturer's homework, or just browsing the Internet looking for something new and learn from it. And honestly, I procrastinate sometimes when I get saturated. :p

Since I've known him for a few years, I started reminding him about his passion before. I remind him that God has a great plan for his life that he will be a great man someday. I believe that passion is the first ingredients to make people move on their life.


But the next question is how to make people keep moving? Here's what I do: Challenge ourselves!! We need to deliberately put some 'sharks' on our life so that it will force us to move. When we do this, we only have 2 choices: move or die.

How do we put this 'shark' on our life? I believe each people has their own way, but I'll share what I do: I accept 'impossible' freelancer projects.

My latest on going 'impossible' project is creating a TVC for a product. My client gave me the storyboard and she asked me to visualize it in a full 15 secs of 3D animation with 2 weeks deadline. Well, that sounds possible enough, but i haven't told you the full story. :p

The scene took place in a soccer stadium, when a penalty kick is happening. So I have to create about 3 full-rigged main characters with a stadium and the crowds! I know this project is possible for a big animation studio where they have some artists and hi-end PC's, but it's 'impossible' for me whose working almost alone (I only asked 2 of my friends to take care of the rendering, SFX, and the BGM). Fyi, I am not a fulltimer in this field yet, I still have to give lecture about 4 subjects/week and required to stay 12 hours/week at the campus office. I also can't ask for more help since the fee is not big enough for a project with such brief. The only reason I accepted this project is that I need to build my portfolio and to put a 'shark' on my life. Yeah, money isn't everything. :)

Before we dealt, my client asked me to give her a shot sample from the full animation. I chose the hardest shot, created a character, textured it, rigged it, animated it, set some light, render, and composed it only in less than 14 hours! Which I didn't believe I could do that before..

Succeeding in creating the sample shot has given me more confidence in completing the full project. It is enough to prove me that when I put a 'shark' on my life, I will move and upgrade myself. The bigger the 'shark', the faster I will upgrade myself at the maximum potential. This way, I will never have stagnancy in life.

Furthermore, this 'shark' will also force me to think creatively no matter what. Remember that creativity emerges from limitation and pressure.

So, are you brave enough to put a 'shark' on your life? ;)

Be blessed!


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