January 01, 2012

[Blender] Candy Shader in Cycles

Soo, who wants some candy? LOL

In the last 2 weeks, I started learning Blender. An interesting 3D app, honestly. ;)
You can download it for free at www.blender.org

Here's my testing using Cycles render. I tried to create a green suzanne candy.. hahaha..
Blender Cycles Candy Shader
Blender Cycles candy shader test on Suzanne

If you're interested in the material, I've also put the screenshot of the material nodes.. or download the .blend file here.
Blender Cycles Candy Shader
Blender Cycles candy shader node

Frankly I kinda satisfied with the result. The only thing that really bothers me is the render time. I took me more than 3.5 hours just to render a simple scene with 720x405 pixel! *faint* - I'm using CPU since my VGA doesn't support the GPU render in Cycles.

I need to crank up the sample up to 1000 to get a less-noisy final image. :(

Enjoy! ;)


  1. Hi, I tried this materials in the node editor but somehow my image looks different than yours, some parts are completely transparent, dont know why. I tried moving the Fresnel IOR and kinda look better but not as better as yours. Any help? Thanks

    1. Hello,

      well, I don't know but maybe you may download the .blend files here: http://www.mediafire.com/?4o54kno655j4z4e I hope this will help you find the solution :)



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