January 04, 2012

[Blender] SSS Skin Shader in Cycles

Hi, guys! I bet you all must have been wondering how to create SSS Skin in Cycles.
I've tried googling it before and found some ways to do it. But after I tried that, none is quite satisfying for me :(

Then i did a little experiment and finally got this:
Blender Cycles SSS Skin Shader
Blender Cycles SSS Skin Shader test on Suzanne

And for the shader node:
Blender Cycles SSS Skin Shader - Material Node
Blender Cycles SSS Skin Shader node with 3 layer

This is kind of basic shader of SSS Skin.. well, of course you can improve it more by connecting your texture map and so on.. :p
I've also tested it by moving the source light and it works like a charm! *love*

Wish I could do some programming to access more properties of the nodes.. so I could control how deep the light will pass through each shader and so on..

Well, I hope you find this helpful. Enjoy! ;)


  1. gak ada gambarnya...mas...

    1. hi, mas..
      thanks udah berkunjung dan maaf baru sempet komen.. :p

      Hmm, harusnya muncul koq, mas gambarnya.. mungkin koneksi internetnya lagi down.. maklum, gambarnya cukup besar.. :D

  2. simple and usefull. what can we ask for more ? thanks !

  3. Hey Aries,

    You've really shed some light on this lighting style. Thanks. After looking at your version and taking a few tips from lighting master Ben Simonds I think I have a near perfect shader for skin in cycles.

    I've even made a slight change to create a toon version in cycles as well.

    Kudo's for the help.

    1. Heiii, thanks Omar for visiting my blog :)
      Really glad to hear that this post be helpful for someone.. :D
      I haven't tried that, but I heard Cycles now support SSS shader. Maybe you could give it a try too. hehe

  4. I have but it works a lot like the BR SSS but with less control

  5. Great shader, very simple and beautiful!
    I think it would help if you specify the HEX color codes.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Lucas, thanks. :)
      Well, I think it depends on your character, so there is no absolute hex code because each character is different. But there is a general rule of thumb,
      - the epidermal is usually pale color, like a dead man skin.
      - the subdermal is the saturated version of the epidermal, combined with some red / orange color.
      - the backscatter is usually red, resembling the blood.

      Hope it helps. Cheers!

  6. gan data RGBnya berapa?

    1. Sama kayak jawaban di atas, gan. Tergantung karakternya agan, ga ada parameter yang pasti / fix untuk semua kondisi. :)


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