April 08, 2012

[Blender] Lighting Study with Cycles

Recently, I am interested in CG lighting.. Because I believe that it defines how good our picture/animation/film's look.. We delivered a final render to our audience, that's why lighting plays a big role in how great the visual they see..

Well, it feels like it's challenging me, "how far you can achieve realism with CG lighting?" So I decided to do some practice using Blender Cycles and see how good my skill and this render engine is :D

here's what I got, (click the image for larger size)
3D Apple with Blender Cycles
Lighting Study with Blender
3D model was downloaded from here
I did the lighting and render in Blender Cycles with some adjustment in Photoshop.

I know that it's still far from realism, so any suggestion will be appreciated! Thx! :D


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