January 02, 2014

Augmented Reality Competition

This is my submission for 3D Augmented Reality Competition held by Aurecmedia a few months ago.

Aurecmedia: Augmented Reality Submission | ariespranata
Screenshot of my video submission

The theme of the competition is: Aurecmedia, the latest innovation in digital marketing. I choose a billboard as the representative of 'marketing', and by seeing this model on user's mobile device (with AR app installed), they're actually seeing the latest innovation in digital marketing.

307 polygons, fully textured (diffuse, self illumination, opacity) in 1K bitmap each, fully animated with animation clip:
  • frame 0-10 : standby mode 
  • frame 10-120 : animation being played when user touch the box 
  • frame 121-160 : loop animation

Well, too bad I didn't win nor lose, since the competition was cancelled and I was the only participant in this category. (what a bad luck, lol) ..and sorry for the video quality. *cheers*


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