January 03, 2014

[3ds Max] Quick Tips: Wireframe Render

Ever wondering how to do a wireframe render inside 3ds Max? Now I'll explain the trick for you. :)

How to render wireframe in 3d Studio MAX
How to Render Wireframe with 3ds Max

The question is why would we want a wireframe render?

Well, in my opinion, it's just for a presentation. There are times when our client wants us to show the wireframe, and it's not very "artistic" to just screen grab our viewport. So that's why we need a better presentation.

3ds Max Wireframe Render
Wireframe Render example

This tutorial covers how to set up a wire material, and also how to use Material Override for more practical ways. Check the video tutorial (you may need to temporarily turn off your ad blocker): Quick Tips: How to Render Wireframe with 3ds Max.

NOTE: the tutorial is in Bahasa Indonesia, but you can turn on the Captions to get the English subtitle. -- Tutorial ini disampaikan dalam bahasa Indonesia dengan subtitle bahasa Inggris --

UPDATE: If you want to use only Scanline renderer instead of mental ray, you may check my post: [3ds Max] Wireframe Render with Scanline

...By the way, this is my first time to do a video recording. And I was very nervous. :p
So if you have something in mind, write your comment below.



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