January 05, 2014

[3ds Max] Wireframe Render with Scanline

Hi, guys.

Yesterday, one of my friend (and also my teacher in 3D), Juliansun, commented in my facebook post of my latest blog post: [3ds Max] Quick Tips:Wireframe Render. I said in my video tutorial that it wasn't going to work if we don't switch our render engine to mental ray. Yes, it's true, if we do it with the method I explained in that video (using Composite Material) we will only get the wire, without white shaded below it when we use Scanline renderer. Then he said that we actually can do the same wireframe render with only Scanline renderer which I'm gonna tell you how. ;)

Wireframe Render of a Teapot with Scanline 3ds Max
Wireframe render of a teapot with Scanline
First, we need a new Standard Material. Just open the Material Editor [M], then select any empty material and switch it to Standard Material if it isn't. Then select the little box next to Diffuse Color to open the Material/Map Browser window. Select the Tiles map.

Using Tiles Map for Wireframe Render 3ds Max
Using Tiles Map as Diffuse Color
Scroll down in Tiles until you get Advanced Controls rollout. Change the Horiz. Count and Vert. Count value to 1.0 (I will tell you next, why we have to do this). Then you should get something similar to my material preview.

Change the Tiles Map parameter
Change the Tiles Map parameter
We're done with our material setup. Now what we need to do is assign a UVW Map modifier to any object that we want to render wireframe (it's a teapot in my case). Set the Mapping parameter to Face. This would make 1 polygon in our object represents 1 tile. That's why we changed the Tiles count to 1.0.

Assign UVW Map Modififer
Assign UWV Map modifier
Assign the material to our objects, then hit Render. You should get something similar to the picture at the top. Of course you can adjust and play with the color parameter, etc to everything that you like. Here's an example how I use the material and mix it in Blend material with Gradient Ramp map as the Mask.

Clay Wireframe render with Blend in 3ds Max
Wireframe Render with Blend Material
Well, I hope this tutorial helpful. If you have something in mind or you have created something awesome with this material, don't hesitate to comment below. :D



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