January 07, 2014

SUHO ft. IU - Monday thru Sunday | 2D Animation

Hi guys,

I've just browsed my old YouTube channel and I found this old 2D animation I and my friends did in 2009 for campus assignment.

It was for 2D animation class, lectured by awesome Is Yuniarto, the famous comic artist in Indonesia: author of Garudayana and Knights of Apocalypse.

Personally, I really love this work, so that's why I'd like to share here.. and btw, If you think that the illustration is awesome, meet my friend, Michael R.H. He did all of the character drawing in this animation. As for me, I did the animation (it was all done in adobe Flash).

Suho ft. IU - Monday thru Sunday | 2D Animation
Suho ft. IU - Monday thru Sunday | 2D Animation

A little bit about the production process:

Gathering Reference
In this step, we gather all the references, images, video, and text we think is cool and suitable for our projects. Since the assignment required us to create a Music Video, then we choose the song first before we look for the other reference. In our case, we choose the song of Suho (feat IU), titled Monday thru Sunday -> No special reason for this, it just because.. well, you know.. the K-Pop is getting very popular in my country. :p

Creating Story
After all the references are gathered, we start creating the story. We search for the lyric and start creating the story from that. We wrote it down, then convert those text into storyboard. The storyboard is an important step because it will be our main guide for the animation process, especially for camera angle and timing guide.

Creating Asset
As the the story team do their job, the asset team start to create the asset. We sketch it first on paper, then trace it on Adobe Illustrator for the line art and paint them on Photoshop. The characters has special concern since it is going to be animated. We planned to use tween animation as much as we can because the frame-by-frame method will take longer time and the deadline is short. So, we decided to split the characters into some body parts. As you can see in the sprite sheet below:

2D Body Part Sprite for Animation
2D Body Part Sprite for Animation
Notice that we only created half part for arm and leg, either left or right. This is because we were going to mirror those parts in the animation process.

Animation Process
Like the explanation above, the splitted body parts help so much in using tween animation. We use Motion Tween in Adobe Flash for the entire animation, including the texture and visual effects e.g. lighting effects in ferris wheel shot. We were also supposed to use Bone method for rigging (see that we split the girl's arm into 3 parts), but the feature wasn't available yet at that time. What we did was manually transform those parts in difference layers, applying Motion Tween on each layer, and set the registration point (pivot) to the correct joint position.

So, it was only in some shots, we used frame-by-frame method, e.g. the curtain animation in the intro shot. The animation is entirely done by using the storyboard we had created earlier as the main guide.

Video Editing
The last thing we do is the video editing process. We export all the shots from Flash into movie files, then arrange and synced those files with the song in Adobe Premiere.

Cheers! :)


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