November 11, 2014

Engraved Shotgun - Reverse Engineering

So here we go, I'd like to share one of my projects that might be interesting for you to look at. This project, for me personally, is kind of 'expansion' of what my knowledge and skill in 3D can do. So far, I've been doing 3D only for visualization and animation. But this one is for manufacturing industry, which is new to me.

I'm really grateful to meet some friends at Rannova Indonesia that gave me a chance to work with them in this project. The project is what we call a reverse engineering, a process of recreating something based on the existed thing which in this case is a wooden engraved shotgun body.

So this guy has a wooden shotgun with some engraving on it and he wanted this shotgun to be available for mass production. For a time being, it took a lot of time to produce the shotgun because it needs craftsmen, a human resources to do the job. Furthermore, since every craftsmen has different skill, it's hard to standardize the quality of the engraving. There comes an idea of how to make this product available to be created by machine.

This is the rendered image of final 3D file that I created based on the original product:
render 3D engraved shotgun - reverse engineering
Final 3D File for Prototyping

Then my friends at Rannova Indonesia did the rest, the process of milling and so on which I actually don't really understand. :p

Then after the long process, this is what we got:
First look of the Final Product
First look of the Final Product

It reminds me of Gunpla kits btw. LOL



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