March 24, 2015

Egyptian Royal Priest

This is my latest Character concept, an Egyptian Royal Priest. Well, it's been like more than a year since I created my own Character.. hehe.. been busy with other works that has nothing to do with 3D and stuffs. So, let's say that it's kinda my stress reliever. :p

I started with Dynamesh, without knowing what I'd create, until this guy appeared in my head and.. Ta Da! (just click on the image to see the better quality)

Egyptian Royal Priest Concept
Egyptian Royal Priest Concept

The left one is the clay render for you to see the model clearly and the right one is to give him more glorious look. Sorry that I didn't do the paint job on this guy because I was just way too lazy to do that.. Forgive me, ok? :p

By the way, this was also the first time I used my 1-month-old wacom pen tablet (finally, yay!) in ZBrush. I gotta admit that it helps a lot, compared to using mouse.

Hope you guys like it, and have a nice day.


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