April 28, 2015

Dark Knight

This is a personal project I did in my free time. Batman is a character which story always falls between the two polar opposites of moral value, good and evil; where everything is in grey area. So, I thought that it would be fun to think, "What if he falls into the dark side?" because generally, he is always perceived as the good guy.

The word "Fear" is what Batman is all about; so I use that keyword as the main concept in this demonic version of him.

PS: Coincidentally, this version resembles the "Nightmare Batman" version which I didn't know before until a friend told me. :)

I started with dynamesh in ZBrush, render it, and did some retouch in Photoshop.
Dark Knight
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 3D Model
Dark Knight 3D Model

Hope you guys like it.


  1. Wooww mantep ris! Ane numpang liat2 yoo

    1. Silakannn hahaha.. Makasih ya udah berkunjung :D


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