Why Put Ads Link?

Hello guys, some of you might ask why I put ads link in some of my links. Well, I sacrifice some of my time where I used to get some sleep or have fun with my family, just to share you some good stuffs here. I will only put ads link only for stuffs that I created though.

So, I'm not asking for much, the ads link that you click will buy me a cup of coffee (just to keep me awake and update this blog, hahaha). The stuff is free anyway, it's just one click away.

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For your information, we don't even need the user to click on the ads shown to get paid. That's great, huh? The user just need to see the ads, then after 5 secs, they're free to click the skip button and get the real content. That's why I'm asking you, if you don't mind of course, to temporarily turn off your ad blocker when you click on my links. :)

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